Welcome to tjdeacon.com, an online travel journal and photoblog. This site is dedicated to traveling and being open to new experiences that broaden our minds, intelligence, and intellect.

Hopefully the following photo albums and journal entries will promote a new perspective on life and travel. To show that anyone, anywhere, can seek a more inspiring and fulfilling life by getting in their car and taking off on a new road, one they’ve never traveled before. As the Chinese proverb goes, “The journey is the reward.”

Latest Updates:

August 12th 2016: Pictures from Napa Valley and San Francisco are posted.

October 23rd 2014: Pictures from the hike up Panther Mountain are posted.

August 28th 2014: Pictures from Calico Ghost Town and the Dutchess County Fair are posted.

August 24th 2014: Pictures from the Rhinebeck Aerodrome are posted.

July 22nd 2014: Pictures from The North Fork are posted.

July 2nd 2014: Pictures from The Devil’s Path West are posted.

May 28th 2014: Pictures from Assateague Island are posted.



August 2nd 2012: Pictures from Hawaii are up. The full album is here, the Top 65 album is here.

October 3rd 2011: Pictures from the hike to Doodletown are up.

August 1st 2011: Pictures from the road trip to Alaska are up.

June 29th 2011: Departing on the Alaska Road Trip! You can follow along the blog here.

May 24th 2011: Pictures from the Catskills Hike and WWII plane wreck posted.